50 ways to trim your budget- really?

Well yea, It turns out that trimming the budget is a pretty good idea when money is tight.

I am attaching this link to a MSN Money site that make some good suggestions about how to make your Dollars Stretch further.


I have to admit I first published this on a blog site in 2008, but It seems more apt now than ever.

Educate yourself about the options

In my 25 years of practice I have heard lawyers make some amazing predictions. Most of them were accurate and some were just too “over the top” to think they could ever have been followed through on.  The one thing I know for certain is that when clients understand the issues and the procedure they…

Can you save money by filing your own bankruptcy?

I have to tell you that I have heard on more than one occasion people suggest to me that they are qualified to prepare and file their own bankruptcy. I have to smile politely and suggest that perhaps they are able to do so. Inwardly, I am thinking, of a tale told to me by…

Chapter 13 FAQ

Chapter 13 FAQ What is going to happen now that I filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? Since you have just filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you probably have a lot of questions! The following series of “Questions and Answers” is provided to you only for purposes of introduction and to give you some idea of…

New Foreclosure law Signed By Governor Daniels

New Foreclosure Process Mitch Daniels is expected to sign SB 582 today which will go into effect on July 1, 2011. The new bill modifies the process and requirements that a lender must adhere to in order to proceed through the foreclosure process in state court. Specifically, the lender must participate in a “Settlement Conference”…

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